Buy Wrecked Cars For Sale in Online Salvage Car Auctions

Salvage car auctions online and also live auctions that sell wrecked cars can easily be found in California. We hope our quick guide on California salvage vehicle auctions can get you started.

These salvage vehicle auctions, often referred to as wrecked car auctions, offer a variety of vehicles that have been damaged, either through accidents or other means, and are sold as-is.

With the rise of digital platforms, many enthusiasts and potential buyers are turning to salvage car auction online websites to browse and bid on these wrecked vehicles for sale. Similarly, the salvage auto auction online community has grown, providing a plethora of options for those interested in these types of vehicles.

When you’re looking into buying a crashed car from salvage title auctions, it’s really important to know what you’re doing so you can make smart choices. Our guide aims to equip you with the necessary information to navigate these auctions successfully and make the most of your bidding experience.

california salvage car auctions online Buy Wrecked Cars For Sale in Online Salvage Car Auctions

Wrecked Car Auctions in California: Online Salvage Car Auction Sites

Auction NameVisit Website
IAA-Insurance Auto AuctionsOffers online auto auctions for a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We appreciate the fact that their digital bidding system streamlines the virtual car sales experience.Visit
Copart Los AngelesLocated in Los Angeles, this branch of Copart provides online vehicle auctions. Copart is one of the largest online wrecked vehicle auctions that we are aware of.Visit
SCA Auto AuctionA 100% online marketplace specializing in wholesale, wrecked vehicles. SCA streamlines the buying experience, making it user-friendly.Visit
A Better BidFeatures a wide selection of repairable and rebuildable vehicles sourced from insurance companies and other auctions. Renowned for transparency and ease of use, we know many in the industry rely on them.Visit
Copart San JoseThis Copart branch in San Jose offers online auctions for repairable cars. Designed for seamless bidding and purchasing, which we have come to know Copart for.Visit
Salvage ResellerWith over 150,000 repairable vehicles or vehicles for parts, primarily from Copart, it’s our own go-to destination for online wrecked car auctions.Visit
eRepairablesOffers a variety of salvage cars for sale in California. Trusted by many for its comprehensive listings and detailed vehicle information, it stands out to us in the online car auction space.Visit

wrecked mazda car sold at a salvage auto auction

Where Do Salvage Car Auctions in Cali Get Their Auction Cars From?

  1. Insurance Companies: Often, when a vehicle is deemed a total loss after an accident or other damage, insurance companies will sell these vehicles through salvage auctions. These vehicles might have sustained significant damage, making them uneconomical to repair for the insurer.
  2. Banks and Financial Institutions: Vehicles that have been repossessed due to loan defaults can end up in salvage auctions, especially if they have sustained damage or wear that reduces their value.
  3. Rental Car Companies: Sometimes, rental cars that have been in accidents and are not deemed worthy of repair by the rental company are sold at salvage auctions.
  4. Fleet Operators: Companies that operate large fleets of vehicles might send their older or damaged vehicles to salvage auctions as a way to dispose of them and recoup some of their value.
  5. Private Owners: In rare cases, individual car owners might choose to sell their damaged vehicles through a salvage auction, especially if they don’t want to invest in repairs.
  6. Government Agencies: Various government entities might auction off vehicles that have been seized, abandoned, or are no longer needed. Some of these vehicles might be damaged or have other issues that make them suitable for a salvage auction.
  7. Salvage Yards: Some salvage yards buy damaged vehicles to extract valuable parts. Once they’ve removed the parts they need, they might sell the remaining vehicle shell or parts at a salvage auction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on California Salvage Car Auctions

1. What is a salvage car auction?
A salvage car auction is a public or private event where vehicles with a salvage title, often due to damage or accidents, are sold to the highest bidder.

2. How is a wrecked car auction different from a regular wholesale used car auction?
A wrecked car auction specifically deals with vehicles that have sustained significant damage. Regular car auctions may feature vehicles in various conditions, including brand-new or used ones without significant damage.

3. Can I participate in a salvage car auction online?
Yes, many salvage car auctions have moved online, allowing potential buyers to browse listings, place bids, and even make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

4. Are vehicles from salvage auto auction online platforms safe to drive?
Vehicles from salvage auto auctions are sold as-is, meaning they may require repairs before being legally roadworthy. It’s essential to inspect any vehicle before purchase and consult with a mechanic to understand the extent of repairs needed.

5. What does a “salvage title” mean in salvage title car auctions?
A salvage title in CA indicates that the vehicle has sustained significant damage, often exceeding the vehicle’s value. These vehicles are typically deemed a total loss by insurance companies. While they can be repaired and made roadworthy again, they will always carry the “salvage” designation on their title.

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