Why You Should Buy a Car at a Car Auction

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Buying a used vehicle at a car auction in California is a lot easier than most might think. There are many auction locations around the state. Be sure to check out our guide for auction buyers. Below are just a few reasons to buy a car at an auction:

Most car auctions have hundreds of cars at a single location

Auctions offer a lot of convenience to car buyers with their large, varied inventories. Anything from cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, to motorcycles, boats, and ATVs are commonly found in auto auction inventories around California. Also, car auction inventories tend to have vehicles that sell quickly, with more arriving throughout the week. If you do not see what you want during your first visit, you might fight the perfect car at an auction a week later.

Auctions are a great way to find the cheapest used cars in your area

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Auction cars can come from a variety of sources: local used car dealers, private owners, lease and rental vehicles, trade-ins, bank repos, police impounds, among others. They are often sold at wholesale, or close to trade-in value. This means you do not have pay retail, aka “sticker price”, for a used car or truck with a dealer’s markup in the price. In fact, car auction prices are probably the most appealing aspect of car auctions for public buyers.

Car auctions can be a lot of fun, even for first-time buyers

Public car auctions tend to move at a slower pace than dealer auctions. They are not as intimidating as some people imagine them to be. If you insist on not bidding during the auction, many locations will allow you to make an offer and buy a car before the auction begins. Most auctions offer lobbies and play areas for children. Auction staff are trained to accommodate first-time auction buyers by helping you throughout the auction process.

Many car auctions in California offer financing

Most auction buyers assume that car auctions are only for cash transactions, but it is very common for car auctions to offer vehicle financing to auction buyers. It is also possible to use your own bank or credit union as a source of financing in order to buy an auction vehicle.

Pros & Cons: Buying an Auction Car at a Wholesale Used Car Auction

Potentially lower pricesQuality of cars can be unpredictable
Wide variety of cars to choose fromCars may have hidden damage or issues
Opportunity to bid on unique or rare vehiclesCompetitive bidding can drive up prices
Immediate availability of vehiclesLimited time to inspect vehicles before purchase

Remember, you can also bid on auction cars in an online car auction in California. Bidding at home or work can be a lot less stressful, but be sure to learn all the details about the car or truck you want to bid on. Most auctions do not offer refunds after the bidding is over.

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