Los Angeles Car Auctions

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Car auctions in Los Angeles are a well-known venue for car buyers and sellers to engage in transactions. LA is known for its large population and this brings a diverse range of auction cars for sale. From government-seized vehicles to high-end luxury cars, there is something for everyone at a Los Angeles car auction. Whether you’re in the market for a new car or hoping to sell your car at an auction, these Los Angeles car auctions provide a special opportunity to acquire your dream ride or to receive a fair price for your current one.

Car auctions open to public are a fantastic way to save money when buying a quality used car. We invite you to join the fun and thrill of an auction! Prices can range from ~$2000 up to $30k+ in luxury car auctions that include high end cars.

Auto Auctions Near Los Angeles

Wholesale Car Auctions

South Bay Auto Auction
13210 South Normandie Ave
Gardena, CA 90249

SoCal Auto Auctions
1304 Mildred Street
Ontario, CA
https://socalautoauctions.com/View Auction Inventory

Police Car Auctions & Tow Impound Auctions [Government Auctions Los Angeles]

Los Angeles Police Auctions – The Official Police Garages (OPGs) in the City of Los Angeles conduct Lien Sales Auctions that are open to the general public. During these auctions, all vehicles are sold in an “AS IS, WHERE IS” condition, along with any defects they might have. The seller provides no guarantees or refunds. The auction operates on a competitive bidding system, with the highest bidder securing the purchase of the vehicle. However, the auctioneer retains the right to turn down any bid or end the sale of a particular vehicle. In cases of disagreements, the auctioneer’s judgment is considered final.

Hollywood Tow Lien Sale Vehicle Auction – We conduct vehicle auctions on a weekly basis, specifically on Thursdays, except during holidays. The vehicle inspection process commences at 8:30 a.m. and is followed by the auction, which starts promptly at 10:00 a.m. Our auction center is conveniently located at 1015 N. Mansfield Avenue in Los Angeles, California 90038.

Bill & Wag’s Towing Auction– A weekly silent auction takes place every Tuesday, where interested bidders can check in at the front window and have the opportunity to view and bid on cars. The auction and the cars are located at 1516 S. Bon View Ave in Ontario, California, and bidding is open from 8am to 5pm. The winning bidders will be notified the next day.

City of Long Beach Lien Sales Auction – The Long Beach Lien Sales Auction takes place biweekly on Tuesdays and is accessible to the general public at 3111 E. Willow Street, Long Beach, California, between Temple Avenue and Redondo Avenue. The vehicles are sold with all defects, and the seller offers no warranty or refunds. The auction operates as an open competitive bid, with the highest bidder winning the sale. The auctioneer holds the authority to turn down any bid or end a vehicle’s sale. If any disagreement arises, the auctioneer’s judgment will be considered final.

Joyride Autos: Los Angeles Tow Impound Auctions Online – Joyride makes it easy and safe to buy unclaimed / abandoned vehicles online. Their pricing and fees are upfront with no surprises after you buy a car.

Where Do Car Auctions Get Their Cars for Sale?

  • Rental Car Companies: Car rental companies often sell their older vehicles to make room for updated models in their fleet. These cars have low mileage and have been well-maintained.
  • Leased Cars: At the end of a lease agreement, the leasing company may choose to sell the returned vehicle through a wholesale auction, instead of retaining it in their inventory.
  • Private Owners: Individual car owners may opt to sell their vehicle at a wholesale auction, instead of using a dealership or private sale.
  • Police Auctions: Police departments may dispose of surplus or seized vehicles through wholesale auctions.
  • Bank Repossessed Cars: When a car loan goes unpaid, the bank may repossess the vehicle and sell it at a wholesale auction. These cars are often in good condition and may be sold at a discounted price.
  • Trade-Ins: Dealerships receive trade-ins from customers upgrading to a newer vehicle, which they may then sell at wholesale auctions to other dealerships or the general public.
  • Government Seized Vehicles: Vehicles that have been taken by government agencies due to criminal activities or failure to pay taxes may be sold at wholesale auctions. These cars are usually well-maintained and include a variety of makes and models.
  • Manufacturer Auctions: Automakers may sell off their excess inventory or older models through wholesale auctions.
  • Fleet Auctions: Companies with large fleets of vehicles may sell off older or unused cars at wholesale auctions.

Repo Car Auctions in Los Angeles

Repo car auctions in Los Angeles are an increasingly popular option for those looking to purchase a vehicle. This type of auction is becoming more and more attractive due to the availability of cars at a discounted price.

With repo car auctions, buyers can find vehicles with minimal damage that are still in good condition and ready to drive away. In this article, the advantages of attending repo car auctions in Los Angeles will be discussed, as well as how one can participate in these auctions. Furthermore, safety tips will be provided for those who choose to attend a repo car auction in Los Angeles.

The primary advantage of attending repo car auctions in Los Angeles is the ability to purchase cars at discounted prices. Many repossessed cars are sold at greatly reduced prices compared to what they would normally retail for; this provides a great opportunity for buyers on tight budgets or those simply looking for a deal. Car auctions in Los Angeles open to the public are a good opportunity to save on a used car.

FAQ: Buying a Car at an Auction in LA

How Do I Know If A Car Is In Good Condition Before I Buy It At An Auction?

When considering a vehicle purchase at an auction, it is essential to evaluate the condition of the car. The quality of the vehicle will play a role in determining its value and how much to bid at the auction. There are several ways to assess the condition of a pre-owned car before purchasing it at an auction.

First, it is important to get a Vehicle History Report (VHR) which provides detailed information on the car’s past, such as ownership history, accident records, and service records. Additionally, one should inspect the exterior and interior of the car for signs of wear and tear. It is also beneficial for a potential buyer to take a test drive prior to purchasing if possible. You should be aware that some cars may have been salvaged from floods or other disasters and may have hidden damage or other issues not visible during inspection. Here are five tips for evaluating whether a car is in good condition before buying it at an auction:

  • 1. Obtain a Vehicle History Report (VHR)
  • 2. Inspect both exterior and interior for signs of damage
  • 3. Test drive if available
  • 4. Look into any previous accidents or repairs
  • 5. Be aware that some cars may have been salvaged from disasters with hidden damage. If known, this has to be disclosed by the auction.

These steps can help ensure that buyers make informed decisions when they enter an auction in Los Angeles and help them determine if a car is in good condition before they purchase it.

Are There Any Restrictions On Who Can Bid At An Auction?

Most repo car auctions near LA are open to the public, with the exception of some dealer only auto auctions. Most auctions we mention here are open to the public without the need for a dealers license.

It is important for potential buyers to familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions of the particular auction they are interested in attending. This includes information such as methods of payment accepted, any fees associated with bidding, and guarantees that may be offered by the seller.

It is also important to research any additional costs that may be incurred beyond what was initially bid on at the auction itself. Knowing all this information ahead of time will ensure buyers have a smooth and successful experience when participating in a repo car auction in Los Angeles.

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