Five Reasons to Buy a Car at a Car Auction in California

If you are looking to buy a car or truck in California, you really should consider a local car auction that is open to the public. These auctions are a great way to save money when buying a preowned vehicle.

Remember: most auction locations allow you to buy a car without actually bidding in the auction. The process is similar to buying a car at a used car lot – but without the hassle of high-pressure sales tactics.

The cars come from a variety of sources, including: local car dealers, private owners, government seized and impoundment vehicles, tow company impounds, rental fleets & lease fleets, bank repos, and more.

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1) It is a really fun way to shop for a used car

So you’re probably already at least a little bit curious about how public auto auctions in California work. First of all, it can be a really fun and exciting experience so do not hesitate to visit a location near you and see for yourself.

2) It is a much safer way to find a used car than Craigslist or other online methods

Public auto auctions provide a safe location for buyers and sellers to conduct their business. Online markets, such as Craigslist Autos, can attract unsavory people that prey on unsuspecting buyers.

All car buyers and sellers on auction property are registered with the front office so that their is less anonymity in the car buying process. This means a more reliable, safe transaction so that you can focus on other details.

3) Public Auctions Offer a Large Selection of Cars and Trucks at a Single Location

Instead of driving all around town from car lot to car lot, you can choose from a larger selection of vehicles more conveniently. This can help speed up the car buying process for you and save you some time.

Sometimes, buyers will compromise and make a purchase that they are not satisfied with simply because they are exhausted with the process. An auto auction can help relieve some of that pressure by offering a diverse inventory.

4) You Can Use Outside Resources For Financing a Car From an Auto Auction

It is possible to use your bank of choice to provide financing to you for a car you buy at an auto auction. It is important to get the vehicle approved by your bank beforehand

Also, it is not necessary to bid on the car during the auction – you can always just make an offer and purchase it on the spot without waiting for the auction to start.

Most locations will also allow you to do this on non-sale days. Contact them before arriving to verify their policy.

5) Buy a Car Without Dealing With Pushy Sales Staff

Auto Auctions are great for buyers that know what they want in a used car and do not wish to be pressured by someone else into spending more than they can afford.

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