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Auto Auctions California

In California, various types of auto auctions offer a range of auction cars for sale, from government surplus vehicles to dealer trade-ins. Public auto auctions in California are open to everyone and often feature cars from police impounds, tow companies, and private sellers.

At Auto Auctions California, we aim to connect bidders with online car auctions and local live auto auctions in Cali.

Major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego have a local auto auction nearby. Dealer auto auctions, on the other hand, are exclusive to licensed car dealers and may include wholesale auto auctions where vehicles are sold in bulk. These are commonly held in commercial hubs like Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento and the Bay Area.

Government vehicle surplus auctions and police car auctions are another avenue to explore. These auctions feature well-maintained cars that were previously used for official purposes. You’ll find these events taking place across the Golden State, from the tech corridors of Silicon Valley to the sunny beaches of SoCal.

Tow company auctions are also prevalent, especially in cities intersected by major highways like I-10. Whether you call it “Cali” or California, the state offers options for those looking to buy a car through an auction. Impound cars for sale and repo cars for sale in CA can provide bargains if you know what to look for.